7 Super Traffic Hacks

7 super traffic hacks

7 Super Traffic Hacks 

Every beginner affiliate marketer I know always ask the same question “How do I get traffic to my website?”. In this post, I will be exploring How to get traffic to your website, and you will be amazed how some of these techniques have helped to grow many websites online. If you are a beginner affiliate marketer or blogger, this post is for you.


The Aim Of The 7 Super Traffic Hacks  

These 7 Super traffic hacks which are easy to apply will help you to considerably grow your website and overall user experience which is something to aim for.

The aim of this 7 Super Traffic Hacks is to help owners of businesses online to grow. You will also learn how to utilize these hacks in other to get more traffic to your blog or website and ultimately make making money online easy. These 7 Super Traffic Hacks will be of great benefit to every business owner and affiliate marketer.

Generating Traffic can be frustrating, but if you can consistently do a few things right, it would not be. If you get things right you will be able to generate all the traffic you could want, as long as you are willing to do the necessary work.

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There are many techniques online that you can employ, and you can easily become overwhelmed by them. Most especially from many  who promise to provide free traffic solutions.

My advice to most people who ask me questions about how to generate traffic, I always tell them the same thing. Which is, “own your traffic”

Now you can employ paid traffic or free traffic or combine both. 

By investing time on free traffic generation, you will ultimately get return on your investment and if done right will generate constant traffic over the long-term.

If you however, decide to invest money into your business by paying for traffic you definitely will get immediate traffic. This traffic will only last as long as you have money to invest.

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Below Are a Few Free Traffic Generation Methods

Content marketing
  • Write and post blogs
  • Write and post articles
  • Make a video
  • Social media
    Facebook pages/timeline/groups
  • Comment on forms
  • Exchange links
  • Ezine Advertising
    What ever method you decide to use be sure they are keyword-rich content

The keywords you decide to use need to be relevant to the topic and the website.  By the way, try to avoid keyword stuffing.  Make sure your content is human readable and easy to understand.

If you use these methods correctly your website will not only be popular, but it will also make you achieve the desired end result which is a higher conversion rate.

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Paid Advertising 

Banner ads
Facebook ads
Google ads
Article marketing
Ezine marketing


The options to generating more traffic to your website are endless,  but the trick is knowing what strategy will be best for you.  With paid traffic you pay for the advertising  and the necessary traffic generated to your website.

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The list above are the most popular and effective advertising strategies, however, each one has its required skill set to effectively write ads that are going to get the best results.

Choose one method of advertising (i.e. Blog posts – free option, Banner advertising for the paid option) and make sure to master that strategy before you move on to the next method. When you are consistently getting leads a day you can scale up.

Points To Keep In Mind When Writing Content 

Consistent content
Keyword-rich content
Content that solves a problem your target market has.
Content that adds value
Just remember good quality content that provides value will also build trust and authority.
Consistent quality content – have a strategy


You will have to commit to creating content daily then publish it to all relevant sources. Place 1 ad per day and split test the ad. Make sure to track your links. Keep creating new content and your  online business will grow, you will build trust and authority. When people trust you they will also trust what you recommend and you will make more sales.

Above all else, whether paid or free traffic, the best strategy to employ which will give you the ability to own your traffic is to build a list. If you are serious about building a business you should be building your list with everything you do.

Content marketing is an effective strategy. But with content marketing you have to keep creating new content regularly with adequate keywords. Make sure to publish it to the relevant directories and sites whilst you also do some paid advertising. Make sure to create content that is able to generate traffic long term it will eventually start to generate traffic on search engines.

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