7 Ways to Make Money Online In 2021

You might be tempted to ask why, “why talk about 2021 when it is still 4 months away?” well, two reasons

  1. 4 months will come up very quickly and we will be in 2021 faster than you think
  2. These methods I am about to show you are growing very fast and will be big in 2021.

You can actually prepare yourself today by learning these skills and how to do them before it is 2021. You can actually make $100 a day as a full time job or as a side hustle.

  • Start A YouTube Channel

If you are a total beginner to making money online or do not have any skills, you can start a YouTube channel. YouTube is the biggest search engine online and one good thing about YouTube is you can get multiple traffic sources. You can get serach traffic, suggested traffic, browse, channel views etc.  You can utilize this by putting out videos on something you know or have an interest on. There is a niche for everybody.


Create a YouTube channel as a side hustle and keep your full time job until you are able to make good money. The good news is YouTube will explode in the days to come. How much you make will depend on the niche you are in and how many subscribers you have. More and more advertisers are seeing YouTube as an opportunity to put their products in front of viewers via advertising. Ad revenue is going up and content creators are making more money than they did 5 years ago. It will take a while to build up your Youtube channel, but as you go higher you will begin to get traction. Go ahead and build a YouTube channel on a topic you enjoy or have an interest in.It could be on sports, make money online, creating websites etc, the money will come eventually and you can make it a fulltime job. 

  • E-Commerce (Shopify)

Because of the global pandemic and its effects on businesses, business owners are shifting their retail store and businessess online and starting an ecommerce store. You can learn a skill on how to design, create and edit a shopify store because small business owners need an ecommerce platform. You can also enlist your service on platforms like Upwork and where people will actually pay you to create online stores, add images, maintain and all other things related to ecommerce stores.

Why this is a really good way to earn money online is because it is growing everydayand a lot of people are shifting their attention online. The online ecommerce space is growing and accelerting at a massive pace.

  • Online Business Consultant

If you re a beginner, this business idea might not suit you well and the reason is this, it takes years of experince to know how to build a successful business. But the fact remains that there are a lot of people today who are trying to transition from doing business offline to taking and doing business online and have no idea on how to do marketing, advertising, how to create an online store etc. and want help on how to do it. It could be creating social media pages, adding products to stores, email marketing etc.

You can also go on Upwork and enlist as a business consultant and you can give people tips, you can charge a fee to get them started online. Online business Consulting is currently on the upward trend today.   

  • Online Funnel Builder

A funnel is a sequence of events that people get taken through. For example, you put in an email on an online optin form for someone to give you something for free, like an ebook, and you keep getting emails and offers. You could purchase a product and maybe get an upsell or a downsell for another product. You can learn how to create funnels using click funnels by visiting the click funnels sales page or by going online and find tutorials on YouTube. The good thing is you can learn how to create funnels in a week. You can also go on Upwork or and enlist your services. You can find high end clients on Upwork but if you need to make high ticket income you will need to do some advertising online. 

  • Create Onlne Course

Now, there are two ways you can do this; you can create your own course and sell it yourself, but the roblem with this is you will need to create a funnel, do advertising; YouTube traffic and so on. Or you can use platforms like and skill share. You can upload courses and udemy will get you customers via their algorithm.

Skill Share: On skill share you get paid for all the minutes people watch of your video (They buy your course via membership). Skill share have a lot more people on their platform looking for courses to watch, which makes skill share a little bit better than any information business online. There is an upward trajectory in the information business and it will definitely be massive in 2021.

  • Publish An Online Book

If you have a story to tell or information you want to put out there you can emlist on and many other sites. You can advertise to sell your book online and it is so easy to do now because the algorithms have so many people looking for books. Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform online with millions of people buying off amazon every single day. Amazon is like udemy and skill share. They sell the book for you by making people find your book on their platform. You can go to Fiverr and Upwork and enlist the services of people you can pay to do the writing and publishing for you.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online. You simply promote and sell other people’s products and get a commision for it. There are many affiliate marketing networks out there and a few examples include ClickBank, Jvzoo, Warrior Plus, CJ affiliates etc. When you sign up for one of these networks, you get a link known as an affiliate link which you will use in promoting the offer. The affiliate marketing business is ever increasing and is expected to grow further in 2021.

You can acquire the skills you need in the next 4 months and position yourself for 2021 and success will surely be yours.