ClickFunnels Review 


What is ClickFunnels ?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel building software, which lets you create sales funnels, capture leads, do up-sells and down- sells, and other things that will help you get more sales. Click funnels has the ability to create landing pages that convert with a powerful sales funnel. ClickFunnels is a leader
in the sales industry as a sales funnel software.


What you will learn in This Review 

In this ClickFunnels review, you’ll find out why we are recommending ClickFunnels for anyone who wants to get more sales and increase conversions.

ClickFunnels Review Highlights

The following features are some of the things that make ClickFunnels an Industry leader 

  • An all-in-one marketing solution
  • Lets you up-sell and down-sell your products
  • Offers attractive features such as drag-and-drop editor, and sales funnel templates to build funnels faster.
  • Lets you have your own affiliate program

ClickFunnels can help you:

  • Build landing pages
  • Generate more leads
  • Automate sales process
  • Get more sales and increase revenue
  • ClickFunnels has an A/B Split testing feature which might be useful to build the most effective sales funnels
  • ClickFunnels has sales analytics integrated to track your data

Other Features Available in ClickFunnels 

  • ClickFunnels has an A/B Split testing feature which might be useful to build the most effective sales funnels
  • ClickFunnels has sales analytics integrated to track your data

Why ClickFunnels Was Built 

It was built to help online business owners to build sales funnels and automate the entire sales process. It is a software that comes as an all-in-one sales page and funnel builder. With ClickFunnels, online business owners can scale their businesses to higher hights.

It was designed in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his team and has grown to become the most popular sales funnel-builder.

4 Things ClickFunnels Can Do For You

It allows you to offer your customers more. The moment the customer gets into the sales funnel, you can then take them through several landing pages that ensure he ends up being a high- paying customer at the end.


Help You Build Marketing Pages That Sell

It makes it easy for you to make marketing pages which makes it easy for you to take a visitor through the whole process and turn them from your site’s visitor to a paying customer. Some of the marketing pages you will be needing for your business include sales pages, order pages, webinar pages, and checkout pages.



Host Courses 

ClickFunnels is ideal for online tutoring. The software features a Membership Area that makes it easy for online tutors to design their courses. Setting up the members’ area will only take you a couple of minutes. ClickFunnels helps in other aspects of your business such as sales and marketing.

The downside to ClickFunnels for hosting courses is that the platform won’t support your marketing video. You will, therefore, have to use a different platform such as YouTube.

Launch a New Product

Launching a new product is no mean feat. For online business owners, it is more challenging to convince people to get on board with your new product.ClickFunnels makes it easier for you to launch a product With its product launch funnel. You get to create brand awareness and convince potential customers on why they need the product. By the time you get to the actual launch, clients are convinced that it is a worthy investment, boosting the sales of the new product.

Build an Email List

With ClickFunnels, it should only take you some time before you have an impressive subscribers’ list. One of the best strategies for building your list is by offering a free incentive at the beginning of your marketing funnel.

You can set up marketing campaigns that offer your site’s visitors a free package on a course. By doing this, you will build your email list from where you can generate leads for your business.

Comes equipped with several features that make its usage easy for online business owners and marketers. The following 6 features are some of the features you will find in ClickFunnels 

Drag and drop

With Its Drag & Drop feature, you can easily design pages to look however you want. It comes with pre-built template pages (sales pages, order pages, checkout pages etc). Choose the template you want, then proceed to the drag and drop features and simply drag and drop images and texts to where ever whatever you want.The drag and drop feature helps save time. Instead of spending hours designing one page, within a couple of minutes you would have created an attractive landing page. With this feature you will get through the funnel building process quickly up until the launch phase in no time.

Build Sales Funnels Without Coding Skills

With ClickFunnels you will be able to Build sales Funnels without any coding skills. You don’t need to have any prior coding knowledge for you to build a sales funnel. ClickFunnels has made everything easy. It has a wide range of marketing funnel templates that are readily available on the platform. You only have to choose one and tweak to suit your needs.

Up-Sells and Down-Sells
Upsell Feature

ClickFunnels allows you to set up a page which offers your customers a deal just as they are about to check out, this is known as an Upsell. 

If you run an online tutoring business and the customer was just about to purchase a part 1 of 4 for a particular course, you can offer them the entire 4-part course at a discount.Often, customers will see this as a better deal and go for it. This is what we call an up-sell.If your customer takes the offer, you may decide to pitch in a second up-sell.

This time you could, perhaps, offer them a different but relatable course.Your customer may choose to either accept or decline the offer.

Down-Sell Feature

Should they decline the offer, your sales funnel can direct them to a related by a lower-priced offer. This persuades them to reconsider their decision and gives you a second chance to convert them.

share funnel

Share Your Funnels with Others

ClickFunnels gives its users the ability to share funnels on the platform. This means that you can use a friend’s exact funnel for your business or share with them yours. A significant advantage of this feature is that it helps you save time. If you build sales funnels for customers, this feature could come in handy.With this feature, you can also earn some commission. Whenever you share a funnel with someone who does not have a ClickFunnels account, they will be prompted to take the trial. Should they become a user, you get to earn some commission.

A/B Testing 

Whenever you build a sales funnel for any of your offers, you need to ensure that you have the best-performing sales funnel.With ClickFunnels A/B testing, you can easily compare two funnel templates and determine which is the better performing funnel.Besides, the templates that already exist in ClickFunnel are
already tested hence you won’t waste much time deciding on which model performs better and which one does not. The A/B split testing feature does not only work on templates.You can use this feature to compare variants of your ads, landing pages, media pages, opt-in pages, and other elements of your marketing campaign.

Integrated Analytics to Track Your Sales Data

With ClickFunnels you have an integrated marketing solution which helps you get quick access the data you need in one platform. Through the Sales Analytics feature, you can quickly tell what progress you are making with your sales funnels.For example, you can tell where most of your leads come from. Being able to identify this will help you focus more on your leads and how to turn them into customers without spending much on advertising.

ClickFunnels Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No coding experience is needed to build an effective sales funnel
  • The drag-and-drop editor feature makes it easy to build all kinds of landing pages
  • The software offers an all-in-one marketing solution
  • The pre-built sales funnels help save time
  • You can choose from the existing templates or build your landing pages from scratch
  • A/B split testing lets you choose the best-performing option for your ads, funnels, etc.
  • Helps you generate more leads and therefore, more sales
  • You can easily track your data and determine what marketing strategies you need to improve.
  • There are constant software updates to help you stay ahead of the online marketing game
  • The pricing plans are quite expensive
  • Because the software focuses on simplicity, you may not achieve as much customization as you would want.
  • It will take you some time before you master how to use ClickFunnels because it has so many features to offer.

Benefits Of ClickFunnels

More Sales 

ClickFunnels Can Help You Generate More Sales and the reason why it can do this is because it was made to focus on your product on like other platforms that will make it possible for your potential customer to have access to your competitors’ stores. This may lead them to purchase from that store instead of your own. 

Automate Your Sales Processes

ClickFunnels can help you automate the entire sales process. A bonus is that it can integrate easily with an eCommerce platform like Shopify. It also integrates with payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe, to allow customers pay for your products or services. 



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