Top 6 Free Traffic Sources For 2020

Every internet entrepreneur needs traffic, and this is no news. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a successful online entrpreneur. It would interest you to know there are many ways you can get traffic to your website, blog, online store or even your affiliate links. I will highlight 6 free traffic sources in this article. I guarantee that if you apply one or combine more of these traffic sources, you will be rewarded for your effort eventually.

Traffic Source #1


YouTube is very good source of traffic and conversion if it is done correctly. You can navigate fromYouTube to your website. You can leave a link from your website to your YouTube channel or vice-versa. From you YouTube video, you can link your to your websites via the descriptions on YouTube. This way you get the best of both. You could have visitors to your website who, often times like me might not be interested in reading in reading the whole text on your website, but would rather watch a video of what is written on your website.


Traffic Source #2   


Another free traffic source you can utilize is Quora. Quora is a Q & A (Question and Answer) website with over 300 million visitors every month and 40%-50% visitors from the US alone. It is an awesome place to get free traffic. All you have to do is answer questions, and while you this, you build a following you can use as traffic to your website.


Traffic Source #3

Free Courses

You can publish free courses on Udemy and leave bonuses and other resources which will link to your website and other resources. Resources such as your Facebook groups, YouTube channel, forum etc.  Udemy has millions of students, and since it is free you will definitely get a lot of enrollments to your free courses. One fun fact is that the percentage of enrollments for the free course will be higher than student enrollments. You can get a lot of traffic using this strategy because Udemy has a large follower base. You must also not that these free courses must be of high value. This will be the main reason why customers will keep coming back to see if you have more free courses to offer, and will attract visitors to your website.


Traffic source #4

Guest & Social Media Posting

 This is another way to get traffic to your website.Guest posting simply is posting on other blogs. Simply search for blogs who are in your niche and reach out to the blog owner and ask for a guest post. You can also post on social media sites, Facebook groups, Quora spaces, commenting on other blog and so on. But remember, DO NOT SPAM.

social media

Traffic Source #5

Free Ebooks     

You can create free ebooks, launch and publish to get traffic to your webiste. Another interesting thing is this, you can also use these ebooks to create an email list and be well on your way to email marketing. You can use to create this ebook and then publish on websites that promote free ebooks. You will get a few downloads using this method. Always make sure to add a link on each page of your ebook to your website, blog, YouTube channel etc.

Traffic Source #6

Slide Share

Slide share is a website by LinkedIn where you publish slides (Power Point Presentation) and link back to your website.It has a lot of searches and organic traffic from Google searches, it has also a lot of views. You can sign up and publish a small presentation about your content and have people refer to your website for more information to download the full version of your power point presentation. You can get traffic to your website through this method as well.

These 6 methods can work and get you traffic, just remember that this will not happen over night. It can take months to achieve the desired results, but on the long

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